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While summer is winding down in most parts of the northern hemisphere, the question arises “What will the stylish Business Woman be wearing this fall?”. In order to get ready for updating our workwear wardrobes, here is a quick edit of my favourite 5 workwear looks for this Autumn/ Winter 2012.

Burgundy & Purple

Burgundy red is the new black! This colour was featured prominently in the Milan and New York 2012/13 Ready-To-Wear runway shows. I especially love it in combination with purple, the most regal of all colours to wear. This season try mixing these two hues and create beautifully elegant and strong looks.

Burgundy & Purple


Another regal and sophisticated topic this season is brocade. Bold brocade prints are an extravagant and sophisticated trend this Autumn/ Winter 2012. Designers like Stella McCartney, Balmain and McQ have been inspired by the ornametal Rennaissance and Baroque eras and have created suits and dresses that resemble symbols of luxury and nobility. An everyday but still attention-grabbing alternative are brocade print trousers. Match them with a few classic pieces and you can create beautiful creative/ casual business looks.


Cobalt blue

Designers from Cacharel and Carven to Roland Mouret are going through a blue period this fall. Their head to toe blue outfits look amazing. Especially bright cobalt blue is a shade you can‘t miss! Introduce this electric shade of blue to your wardrobe and tone down with carbon black or light grey wardrobe classics. If you want to experiment a bit more add a strong contrasting colour like a bright orange/ tangerine, which is another hot autumn hue.

Cobalt blue

Bow tie belt

The bow tie belt is a beautifully feminine trend this season. Burberry enchanted us with this sweet accessory at their Autumn/ Winter 2012 show. It is a great way to spice up a classy dress or blazer. Even worn around a coat it is a beautiful adornment.

Bow tie belt

Ornate embellishment

A very creative trend are the amazing adornments designers like Prada, Marc Jacobs and Valentino have added to their garments and accessories. We have seen everything on the runways, from jewels, to feathers and beaded embroideries. Its extravagance makes this trend perfect for a creative business look.

Jumper & Embroideries

Which is your favourite trend this Autumn/ Winter 2012?



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